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Please note :
Unfortunately I can only treat men on referral.
All women welcome!

Traditional Thai Massage

history2  Thai massage is one of the ancient healing arts of    traditional Thai medicine, the others being herbal  medicine and spiritual meditation. Traditional Thai  massage has been practiced for at least one  thousand  years. Thai massage takes its roots from  Tui Na Chinese  massage and manipulation,  Ayurvedic Indian massage  and Japanese Shiatsu  massage, which dates back over  4000 years. Indian  yoga has a very obvious influence in  Thai massage  and this is apparent in the extremely  disciplined  manner in which the energy channels known  as Sen  are treated.

 Sen is the name given to the flow of the body's vital life  energy. This energy powers all the physical, mental and  emotional processes which will only function normally when energy supply matches demand. The careful application of pressure along these channels help to release any energy blockages and stagnation. The pressing and stretching of muscles makes them more receptive to this flow.

 In the Western World, stiffness and loss of flexibility are  regarded as the inevitable result of the ageing process.  How you feel physically, mentally and emotionally is far  more important than your physical age. This is where Thai  massage is unique in its ability to preserve youthfulness.

 Thai massage is an ancient traditional art of applying  pressure onto specific points of your body, and  manipulating muscles. The sense of well-being this gives,  as energy and flexibility are brought back into your body,  is extraordinary.

Your comfort is of great importance to me and I can vary pressure according to the needs of each client.

I carry out a full health questionnaire before any massage treatment and am fully insured for your peace of mind.

                             Aromatherapy Massage                              


 Thai Aroma massage is a fabulous blend of east and  west techniques. The full body oil massage using  traditional Thai-style massage with pressure point is  combined with sophisticated western-style Swedish  massage.  This massage is carried out with the client  undressed (with your own underwear on) on a  comfortable massage table using aroma oil. This  type of  massage soothes tired and strained muscles, stimulates  blood circulation and is deeply relaxing.

Oriental Thai Foot Massage


 A treat for one of the body's most important parts, a massage of the  lower legs and feet to stimulate the reflex points which correspond to the  internal organs of the body; it stimulates these points to promote general  health and well-being. The feet are cleaned with salt scrub followed by a  specially formulated cream. These massage techniques are drawn from  Thai style. Not only will the aches and pains be relieved but skin  condition and freshness will be improved. Good for ankle flexibility and  strengthening. This treatment will finish with a massage to the shoulder,  neck and head.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

 More and more people have accumulated stress  in their  neck and shoulders caused by their work.  This relaxing  massage concentrates on upper  body tension (head,  neck and shoulders) with oil  to release stress and ease  tired and aching  muscles, my neck and shoulder  treatment will  relax the tension and help alleviate any  pain.


 Relaxing Facial Massage

 Suitable for all skin types, this is a deeply relaxing  massage facial. The massage is carried out with the  client undressed to the waist. The face is cleaned with a  cleansing lotion, followed by an oil massage of  the  shoulders, neck and face and ending with a head  massage. This is a toning massage technique that  eases all facial muscles, boosting circulation and helping  the skin to regain its youthful qualities.

Relaxing Head Massage 


 This is a totally relaxing and de-stressing treatment  performed whilst lying on a couch.  Jojoba oil is applied to  the shoulders, neck and pressure points on the face,  head and scalp.  Not only can it bring about a general  feeling of calmness and relaxation, it can help restore  sleep patterns and improve levels of concentration  alertness.



Please note :
Unfortunately I can only treat men on referral.
All women welcome!

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